Current Affairs – Object & Subject

Glasgow post-punks, featuring current and former members of Anxiety and Shopping, impress with an energetic collection of their work so far

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 09 Oct 2019
  • Current Affairs - Object & Subject
Album title: Object & Subject
Artist: Current Affairs
Label: Tough Love Records
Release date: 11 Oct

Glasgow's Current Affairs are something of an underground supergroup, a phenomenon that, given the city's DIY nature, occurs more than you'd expect. This particular incarnation brings together excellent acts such as Shopping, Anxiety and Rose McDowall's band, amongst a few other well-loved acts, to create an 80s-indebted post-punk/new-wave celebration. While Current Affairs' sound is heavily steeped in that era, it doesn't mean they can't find an enjoyable way to explore and push the (sub)-genre further.

Object & Subject is a collection of everything Current Affairs have committed to tape so far in the form of a debut 12" record. The band have had a fairly stop-start nature over their three years together, due to their various other commitments, which explains the creation of this compilation and why a couple of songs (Cheap Cuts, Breeding Feeling) appear in two different forms here. This, however, plays into the band's 80s-influenced DIY ethic perfectly; a throwback to when bands regularly collected everything they had onto a record and released it on, say, Dischord Records.

Regardless, these are catchy, energetic, occasionally awkward songs that reach for nostalgia while reminding us how much the post-punk genre still influences us today. Given that the genre is the current zeitgeist thanks to bands such as IDLES, Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, this is an excellent time for the Glaswegian quartet to capitalise on that wave of interest. Thankfully, Object & Subject delivers on that promise.

Listen to: Cheap Cuts, Breeding Feeling, Eyes