Crepes – Channel Four

Crepes' Channel Four can be quite pleasant, but it's unlikely to stay with you

Album Review by Eugenie Johnson | 07 Dec 2017
  • Crepes – Channel Four
Album title: Channel Four
Artist: Crepes
Label: Spunk! Records
Release date: 1 Dec

Crepes – the quintet originally from Ballarat, Australia and led by multi-instrumentalist Tim Karmouche – haven’t released much since their debut self-titled EP in 2015. After two years off the radar they’re back, this time armed with their first full-length record, Channel Four.

For any long-time fans of the Australians, it’ll seem like the return of an old, familiar friend. Their slightly off-kilter yet deeply nostalgic approach to guitar pop remains intact; even the album cover gives a cheeky nod to The Beatles’ Please Please Me. The homages to earlier eras of pop sometimes inject a burst of intrigue, the upbeat In a Dream comes across like a mix of shiny 80s synthpop and classic 70s rock, while highlight Four Years Time harnesses a melancholic, almost ambient electronics to good effect in its wistful reflection on the transient nature of time.

At many other times though, Crepes are often too lilting in their approach, with Channel Four often meandering into a similar groove that the band seem to find hard to shake off. They try to inject a bit of urgency with some arpeggiated synth tones or smatterings of brass, but even then things are often too laid-back for their own good, lacking a sense of urgency. It can be quite pleasant, but Channel Four is unlikely to stay with you.

Listen to: Four Years Time