Chain And The Gang – Minimum Rock N Roll

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 03 Apr 2014
  • Chain And The Gang – Minimum Rock N Roll
Album title: Minimum Rock N Roll
Artist: Chain And The Gang
Label: Fortuna Pop!
Release date: 14 Apr

“What are you in here for?” croons Ian Svenonius dolefully; half-welcoming us back into his band’s secret universe, whilst also digging an immaculately-dressed elbow into our ribcages and winking theatrically. Having spent a 30-year career picking at the bones of post-punk, garage rock and yé-yé, the DC icon’s current outfit extricates what sumptuous meat remains and serves it all up with an irresistible gospel glaze. Lucky swine that we are, this fourth LP catches ‘em at their smartest, funniest and most irrepressible.

So Devitalize rails against gentrification whilst channelling The Fall, and Curtain Pull affects a certain 60s Euro-kitsch amidst a kaleidoscopically infectious groove. Katie Alice Greer’s riot grrrl holler provides a neat foil to Svenonius’ untethered howl too, particularly on floor-shaking closer Everything Worth Getting (Is Gone). “I’m in here for loving too much,” admits our hero in response to his earlier question, mock-martyring himself for all our sakes. You could certainly hope for worse saviours. [Will Fitzpatrick]

Playing Liverpool Kazimier on 27 May and Glasgow Broadcast on 28 May