Camila Fuchs – Heart Pressed Between Stones

The droning, immersive electronic psychedelia of Camila Fuchs' second album, Heart Pressed Between Stones, can occasionally, as a listener, make you feel lost

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 06 Nov 2018
  • Camila Fuchs – Heart Pressed Between Stones
Album title: Heart Pressed Between Stones
Artist: Camila Fuchs
Label: ATP Recordings
Release date: 9 Nov

Heart Pressed Between Stones has an enormous, unusual sense of space. Reportedly recorded with 4D equipment, its bleeps and slurps swoop towards you as if they're spiralling out of cosmic orbit with the sole purpose of radiating precisely behind your left earlobe. It’s exactly the kind of album for which the clichéd description of 'a headphones album' was born.

Camila Fuchs are Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini, from Mexico and Germany respectively. On this second album (following 2016’s Singing From Fixed Rung), they unravel six long tracks that are built to breathe and grow. Heatwave (Coming Towards You) has the blurry, steamy heat of a sauna. One on One has the shocking, painful freshness of the first rain in August. 'Always knew the right nerve to touch,' sings de Laborde knowingly on For All Stable Appearances, He Was Wild, as the warm sound of sweaty palms on a drum skin build up a rhythm as enveloping as your own heartbeat.

Droning, immersive electronic psychedelia that either feels far, far away or uncomfortably close, Heart Pressed Between Stones has the feeling of sinking too deep in a glittering pool. However, de Laborde and Hermann-Collini have lavished so much attention upon the atmospherics that occasionally, as a listener, you can feel lost. For all its bodily closeness, Camila Fuchs hold back on scratching and pinching when they should.

Listen to: For All Stable Appearances, He Was Wild, My Body, One on One