C Duncan – The Midnight Sun

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 30 Sep 2016
Album title: The Midnight Sun
Artist: C Duncan
Label: FatCat
Release date: 7 Oct

2015 was a time of reckoning for C Duncan; his debut record Architect was swallowed by critical acclaim, headline tours and a Mercury Prize shortlist media frenzy. A year later, The Midnight Sun shows the Glaswegian musician hasn't lost any of his composure. Elegant and focused, the album was written, recorded and produced in the same bedroom as his first LP - with the same supersonic attention to detail. It's only his ambitions that have changed. 

Duncan cites cult sci-fi classic The Twilight Zone as inspiration, and there's a definite extraterrestrial touch to The Midnight Sun's labyrinthine spirals. Like You Do is soothing, gently psychedelic in its pulsing, unsettling layering. Single Wanted To Want It Too swells with softly spoken confidence, as Duncan's voice rings like a full choir over warped, futuristic chords. The title track makes good on its promises of eerie natural phenomenon, and shines with all the luminescence of an Arctic winter. Stars align. 

Listen to: Like You Do, The Midnight Sun