Brody Dalle – Diploid Love

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 25 Apr 2014
  • Brody Dalle – Diploid Love
Album title: Diploid Love
Artist: Brody Dalle
Label: Caroline Records
Release date: 28 Apr

Much has been made of Brody Dalle’s transition from gobby punk reprobate to Hollywood mom. Jeez – what? A tattoo on her arm offering a friendly "fuck off" and they still let her drop the kids off for school? Someone get me Alice Cooper off the golf course! Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t what it used to be, kids!

And for that let’s offer some thanks. Dalle has always been worth a look, whether it be for the acid splurge of her early Distillers material or the under-appreciated pop-rock of Spinnerette. Diploid Love, ostensibly her solo debut, marries attitude and craft. A strong supporting cast (Warpaint’s Emily Kokal, Shirley Manson) lend a hand but the songs (the breathless buzz of Underworld, the chill ballad I Don’t Need Your Love) stand up regardless. A Brody Dalle as fired up as ever but lucid and inspired like never before adds welcome brimstone to the rock ‘n’ roll firmament. [Gary Kaill]