Brijean – Macro

On their fourth album, Brijean continue to carve out their own sound through an increasing mastery of production and vocal talent

Album Review by Oscar Lund | 09 Jul 2024
  • Brijean – Macro
Album title: Macro
Artist: Brijean
Label: Ghostly International
Release date: 12 Jul

Following a series of teaser singles, psychedelic pop outfit Brijean are gearing up to release their fourth studio album – Macro. Comprised of singer Brijean Murphy and producer Doug Stuart, Brijean have a track record of producing percussion-focused airy summertime rhythms. 

The duo, along with some help from a selection of guest instrumentalists, lean into their dreamy aesthetic wholeheartedly on Macro. From the very beginning, Get Lost and Euphoric Avenue draw you down a garden path into a hazy summer's day. Macro’s front end is littered with floaty vocals and hallucinogenic instrumentals, with After Life evoking the relaxing production of Mort Garson’s 1976 cult classic Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Counting Sheep steers the project in a distinctly electronic direction with the track’s production layering a house-style beat underneath Murphy’s vocal delivery. By far the highlight of the album however, is Workin’ On It. Featuring a funky slap bassline, the track feels like Murphy has left you a voicemail detailing her increasing sense of ennui in the face of modernity.

Although the project offers quality in production and vocals, tracks like Roller Coaster and Bang Bang Boom fall a little flat with overly repetitive refrains. Despite some hiccups along the way, Brijean have continued to carve out their own sound through an increasing mastery of production and vocal talent. The album achieves dreaminess without sending you to sleep.

Listen to: Euphoric Avenue, Workin' On It, Breathe