Brendan Canning – You Gots 2 Chill

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 26 Nov 2013
  • Brendan Canning – You Gots 2 Chill
Album title: Brendan Canning
Artist: You Gots 2 Chill
Label: Draper Street/SQE
Release date: 2 Dec

When exactly does Brendan Canning sleep? It seems faintly ludicrous that despite his myriad bands, soundtrack projects and DJ commitments – not to mention the still-on-hiatus Broken Social Scene – You Gots 2 Chill is somehow only his second solo record. And a very lovely thing it is too, rich in warmth and character, particularly on the windswept Never Go To The Races. “I could lie awake,” he sighs, wistfully articulating the feeling of comfortably resigning oneself to total darkness: it’s just one beautiful moment on a record full of them.

If there’s a single problem with this predominantly-acoustic collection, it’s that the chilled-out atmosphere promised by the title can make the listening experience feel a tad listless when stretched out across fourteen tracks. When he gets it right, however, as on Bullied Days and the gorgeous However Long, it’s enough to make you wonder why you bother listening to anything else. [Will Fitzpatrick]