Bossy Love – Me + U

Glasgow duo Bossy Love's debut album is a glossy pop stomp featuring some of 2019's most infectious jams

Album Review by Max Sefton | 28 Oct 2019
  • Bossy Love – Me + U
Album title: Me + U
Artist: Bossy Love
Label: Self-released
Release date: 31 Oct

Bossy Love are a Glasgow-based duo consisting of Scottish drummer and producer John Baillie Jnr and Indonesian/Australian vocalist Amandah Wilkinson and Me + U, their debut album, is a glossy pop stomp, frontloaded with some of the year’s most infectious jams.

Girlfriend cribs heavily from Robyn, with Wilkinson moving from shock – 'I was like, what the fuck, 'cause I just found out tonight, that you got someone else' – to acceptance over propulsive synths, while The E opens with an intro that tees up a hyper processed SOPHIE banger before unfolding into a slick electro R'n'B jam with crackling explosive vocals layered up like an ice cream sundae.

Foreign Lover is a duet with BABE’s Gerard Black, which manages to be both endearingly sincere and floor-shakingly camp, while Who Said It pitches itself firmly in the stomping pop category, with a tremendously kitsch spoken word section reminiscent of the Spice Girls or Britney Spears.

It’s a little strange to hear Want Some, a single from more than three years ago, appear here while this year’s Whiplash misses out, but there’s no doubting the duo’s ability to craft a pop curio that delves into 90s R'n'B and mid-00s electro; flitting between the contemporary and the nostalgic.

At times the relentless bright colours and synth-pop maximalism can get a bit much, as if you’ve downed one too many vodka Red Bulls in a short period, but with hooks as sticky as these there’s always the risk of a sugar overdose.

Fortunately there’s some levity too, with album closer Girlfriend II delivering a kiss off anthem to end. Me + U might be the work of a talented duo but it’s surely a record that will win them many more friends and admirers.

Listen to: The E, Girlfriend