Bombay Monkey – 130 Astronauts

Album Review by Karen Taggart | 20 Jul 2008
Album title: 130 Astronauts
Artist: Bombay Monkey
Label: Lo Tek
Release date: 11 Aug

Bombay Monkey’s sound could be likened to that of The Avalanches or Pepe Deluxe – a mish-mash of styles and genres which creates a truly unique experience, greater than the sum of its parts. Described by the band themselves as “not unlike alchemy… high magic through high maths – mixing the past with the present and the organic with the chemical”, 130 Astronauts is their third album, and continues with their space-themed odyssey. Istanbul Dub immediately catches the listener's attention, and is sure to be a future single with its impossibly infectious melodies. Each track offers something new and exciting, and this continues throughout the whole album, with mariachi guitars, soft swirls and intriguing vocals, it’s hard not to join Bombay Monkey on their magical journey through the galaxy.