Bomb The Bass - Future Chaos

Album Review by Don McVinnie | 05 Sep 2008
  • Bomb The Bass - Future Chaos
Album title: Future Chaos
Artist: Bomb The Bass
Label: !K7
Release date: 15 Sep 08

Bomb The Bass is back. As if he didn't create enough devastation the first time around in the 80s with genre-defining hit Beat Dis, Tim Simenon returns to deliver a vengeance killing of mass proportions. Simenon spares us the Spice Girls reunion tour, steering clear of a nostalgic road trip, instead delivering an album that's as forward-thinking as ever. His musical progression takes him to new realms, creating a haunting piece of work that is truly dark by design. Opening track Smog, like the many collaborations with Paul Conboy of A.P.E. on the album, has a very distinct Depeche Mode flavour, perhaps unsurprising given Simenon's remix work for the group. The collaboration with Fujiya & Miyagi on Butter Fingers is just incredible, dark to the core with a terrifyingly simplistic but menacing vocal. Following the raw energy on Burn The Bunker (featuring Toob), So Special and No Bones bring it right back down to Earth before album highlight Black River touches down on a planet where electronica collides with the Johnny Cash-style tones of Mark Lanegan. It's the sort of confident experimentation you would only expect from someone with the experience of Simenon, and it's brilliant. [Don McVinnie]