Bobina - Again

Album Review by Don McVinnie | 20 May 2008
Album title: Again
Artist: Bobina
Label: World Club Music
Release date: 20 May

You remember back in 1996, there was this phenomenon called trance where everyone went to the White Isle to get caned and listen to the same four-to-the-floor kick layered with 3000 synths and the odd sublime breakdown? There was lots of throwing in the air of hands, sometimes crying and a fair amout of hugs on the breakdowns. You remember how that fad pretty much passed come 2001 with the odd DJ still gripping on to it with dear life, refusing to let go? Meet Bobina, a Russian trance DJ who makes four-to-the-floor kicks layered with 3000 synths and the odd sublime breakdown. Bobina won 'Best Russian DJ of 2007' at the Russian Dance Music Awards. And why? Probably because he apparently managed to shift 10000 copies of his Beautiful Friend album, and coming from a country with a worse record than the Barras for copyright infringement that's actually pretty decent. Don't expect to hear anything other than commercial drivel on Again, but you know what, it'll shift units.