Black Rivers – Black Rivers

Album Review by Chris McCall | 04 Feb 2015
Album title: Black Rivers
Artist: Black Rivers
Label: Ignition
Release date: 9 Feb

It's tempting to retrospectively label Doves a quiet success story, given their lack of ego when compared with other Mancunian groups. There were never any shouty interviews as their well-crafted alt-rock albums like The Last Broadcast did the talking. But such a tag would unfairly diminish the years of effort they put in; brothers Andy and Jez Williams have been making music together since they were 11, and they spent more than a decade building Doves with Jimi Goodwin before the group went on indefinite hiatus in 2010.

Now Jez and Andy have reappeared with new band Black Rivers. While it's unlikely they will replicate the success of their previous venture, this self-titled debut displays the hallmarks of seasoned songwriters – first single Voyager 1 shines like an expertly-polished pop diamond. But it's difficult to view Black Rivers as anything other than a Doves side project, as stylistically they are near identical. It's just as well there are many who will view that trait as a positive. 

Playing Manchester Apollo with Elbow on 7 Feb