Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart

Album Review by Darren Carle | 02 Sep 2010
  • Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart
Album title: Wilderness Heart
Artist: Black Mountain
Label: Jagjaguwar
Release date: 13 Sep


Unlike the musical trajectory of many of the influences Black Mountain happily wear on their sleeves, Wilderness Heart finds the Canadian troupe tempering tendencies of psychedelic excess for a relatively stripped back and focused third album. So, more Led Zeppelin II and Paranoid than Houses of the Holy and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath then? As broad touchstones, yes – with powerhouse cuts like the title track and Let Spirits Ride reflecting those perennial pioneers. Opener The Hair Song and The Way To Gone dabble in more country and blues roots with an acute pop sensibility whilst the beautifully ominous closer Sadie embraces that never-too-distant folk aspect that’s played straight as a die (rather than becoming one facet of a 12-minute opus). Coming on the swirling vortex coattails of In The Future, Wilderness Heart may initially pale by comparison, but it can’t detract solid work that should bring a few more followers to the cause. [Darren Carle]


Playing Òran Mór, Glasgow on 14 Sep