Big Business – Command Your Weather

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 22 Jun 2016
  • Big Business – Command Your Weather
Album title: Command Your Weather
Artist: Big Business
Label: Gold Metal / Joyful Noise
Release date: 8 Jul

If this is the first time you've encountered Big Business, you're in for a treat. They're about the riffs, above all: songs rumble mightily atop ominous furious flurries of drums as hyper-fuzzed bass conjuring the sound of a thousand guitars. The tunes are pretty great too, but you'll be under no illusion that they're anything other than a rock band, and an explosive one at that.

Speaking of drums, Coady Willis deserves special mention: his tumbling rhythms poke and jab like solos, but they never feel gratuitus or overpowering. He's the piston-pumping machine upon which Big Business' practices are executed; a piledriving force for the headwrecking likes of Blacker Holes and Own Throats. Not that bassist Jared Warren is cast in a supporting role. 'Avoid the vipers... They're the ones with the real mean stares,' he hollers in gloriously hair-metal-esque fashion on Send Help, and he sounds like he genuinely cares. Grand to have them back.