Biffy Clyro – Opposites

Album Review by Ross Watson | 08 Jan 2013
Album title: Opposites
Artist: Biffy Clyro
Label: 14th Floor
Release date: 28 Jan

Double albums are usually a daunting prospect for musicians and listeners alike, but it's a move that makes sense for Biffy Clyro, an outfit who went from making abstract alternative rock in their early years to busting out fiery stadium sized anthems in the last few. On paper, Opposites might allow the Ayrshire trio to flex their creative muscles and cover all bases with time left over to experiment a little too. On paper...


Lead single Black Chandelier is what has become textbook Biffy: mid-tempo, soaring chorus, weird lyrics and a heavy bridge. There's more than a few potentially big, perfectly serviceable singles across these twenty tracks, but despite the big production values and wide array of sonic decoration, the band play it all too safe for an idea so ambitious. When they do misbehave, it's more of a quirk than a daring detour. Still, those who enjoyed Only Revolutions' radio friendly pop-rock nuggets will find plenty to savour here; just don't expect anything quite so gripping as their 2004 opus Infinity Land.

Playing Aberdeen AECC on 31 Mar and Glasgow SECC on 1 Apr