Be Your Own Pet - 'Be Your Own Pet'

the younger, sillier answer to New York garage rock

Album Review by Caroline Hurley | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: 'Be Your Own Pet'
Artist: Be Your Own Pet
Label: XL Recordings
Hailing from "a basement in Nashville", be your own PET are the younger, sillier answer to New York garage rock. Although they wear their hardcore influences on their sleeves more obviously than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, there is a similarity to Karen O's delivery and energy with singer Jemina Pearl. You can't fault the girl for that though, especially with such a great punk name – the world needs a new Joan Jett after all. This is fun stuff: adolescent grinning, stripy socks and speed. Live, they probably excel but the album does suffer from a lack of dynamism between tracks. Halfway through, nothing sounds like a single anymore and fifteen songs, however short, prove a few too many. Occasionally Jemina and drummer Jamin seem to be covering for uninspired riffs. But this isn't music to analyse too closely, instead just jump around your room til you fall over - if that's your game. [Caroline Hurley]
Be Your Own Pet' is out on March 27.