BDY_PRTS – Fly Invisible Hero

Album Review by Susan Le May | 20 Nov 2017
Album title: Fly Invisible Hero
Artist: BDY_PRTS
Label: Aggrocat Records
Release date: 24 Nov

Those that have experienced a live show by Glasgow's BDY_PRTS will know that the performance is as integral to the band as the music. Their carefully crafted costumes and choreography give a glittering, tongue-in-cheek visual pivotal to their aesthetic. But the group's debut album, Fly Invisible Hero, proves that stripped of that performance, it's powerful pop prowess that really shines through.

At the core of BDY_PRTS are a pair already intertwined with Scotland's music scene. Belfast-born, Chicago-raised Jill O'Sullivan and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Reeve have been involved in an array of groups, with O'Sullivan known primarily for her part in Sparrow and the Workshop and Reeve most notably with the likes of The Reindeer Section and Arab Strap. Together with The Kills' drummer Jonny Scott as producer, they've created a collection of instantly infectious electro-pop.

Slow strums open first track IDLU before a sudden gear shift and the introduction of O'Sullivan's impeccable vocal. It's country-tinged in the vein of Neko Case with a pristine pop patina. Both voices meld effortlessly and are exquisitely utilised over the frantic electro handclaps of the sassy Welcome.

Similarly Cold Shoulder and Take it to the Top are thick with attitude, the latter laden with big beats and offbeat samples, before tremendous single Rooftops, with its nod to electro pop-punk band Republica and their hit single of the mid-90s, Ready to Go. The pace of the record slows mid point, with tracks like Ghost in the Maze and the superb single Warrior more subdued and somewhat sinister.

Fly Invisible Hero is a record unlike any other to come out of Scotland in recent years; gorgeous electro art pop, with clean beats and production, flawless vocal harmonies and just the right amount of self-assurance. Reeve and O'Sullivan are strong talents in their own right, but together as BDY_PRTS they've created something truly special. 

Listen to: IDLU, Take it to the Top, Rooftops