Autolux – Pussy's Dead

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 01 Apr 2016
  • Autolux – Pussy's Dead
Album title: Pussy's Dead
Artist: Autolux
Label: 30th Century Records
Release date: 1 Apr

A few weeks before their third record, Pussy’s Dead, was due to hit the shelves, Autolux settled in for a Reddit AMA: “If NASA offered you the opportunity to go to space, would you do it?” Greg Edwards replies, “I think, for us, that would be redundant.” Pussy’s Dead sounds both alien and familiar. With sexy, creepy tracks about hip infections spiked with anthemic, breathy vocals celebrating how "it's so so sad, to be happy all the time," Autolux waste no time in re-stamping their authority.

You might have thought you enjoyed some other band's moody, rude, theatrical experiments in the six years it's been since Autolux's second record Transit Transit... but you were wrong. Edwards, Carla Azar and Eugene Goreshter have taken their sweet time, and Pussy's Dead is satisfyingly, luxuriously self-indulgent as a result – assisted by producer Boots, whom the band sought out after hearing Beyonce's anthem to filth, Partition. Change My Head and Reappearing will ring familiar to long-serving fans, but, on the whole, Autolux are taking giant steps towards a brave, gross new world. [Katie Hawthorne]