Autechre – L-Event

Album Review by Mark Shukla | 14 Oct 2013
  • Autechre – L-Event
Album title: L-Event
Artist: Autechre
Label: Warp
Release date: 28 Oct

L-Event finds the veterans delivering a characteristically uncommercial four-track set of inscrutable electronic contortions. Tac Lacora leans hard on metallic squelch and percussive serrations to recall the group's Draft 7.30 era, with the duo exerting maximum kinetic effort to obfuscate relatively simple degraded melodies. Like much of their work, repeat listens are required to discern the queasy, roiling funk that stirs at the heart of the chaos.

Standout M39 Diffain slows the tempo somewhat to showcase some foreboding low-frequency sound design and beautifully organic crypto-dub hallucinations, whilst Osla For N makes tangible the anxiety of the dentist's waiting room using an impressively limited palette of barked samples and faulty-refridgerator drones. Newbound is a pretty relaxed jam by comparison, with icy, long-decay synth moves played off against unyielding lazer-war percussion to create an atmosphere of serene futility. Manna for the fearless 'techre heads, but casuals should probably steer well clear. 

• Stream L-Event here.