Atom Tree – Clouds EP

Album Review by George Sully | 14 Nov 2014
  • Atom Tree – Clouds EP
Album title: Clouds EP
Artist: Atom Tree
Label: Hotgem
Release date: 21 Nov

Where Tide of Thorns established prodigal producer Shaun Canning as an artisan of sparkling, sweeping electronica, blending dark bass with colourful highs, Atom Tree’s second EP Clouds is an upgrade from bedroom production to promising dreampop. 

Finally bringing Julie Knox’s vocal nectar to the fore – a fixture in live performances since their debut – complements Michael Robertson’s drums and Canning’s rich compositions so well that by comparison, the mostly vox-less ToT feels naked without her. With Knox, the wordlessly poetic backing of Hearts or Hold On is bestowed extra emotive whallop. That said, a highlight of the four-track bundle is the addictive ping-pong synth – and eventual ecstatic, seismic climax – of the instrumental title track Clouds: six minutes of simple bliss.