Anonymous Tip - Not Your Orthodox

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 27 Jan 2009
Album title: Not Your Orthodox
Artist: Anonymous Tip
Label: Triumphant Sound
Release date: Out Now

Twickenham punks Anonymous Tip have something to tell all you square, naïve fools. While you live your clueless lives as slaves to the system, they see through the neo-conservative imperialist façade of Pax Americana and have decided to share their findings through the medium of bulk-standard punk-rock (with occasional cod-ska diversions). They’re Political you see, as evidenced by such awkwardly-titled tracks as Provocation of the Scenester Scum, Polemic to the Suits and Speech Impediment of the Political Kind. Theoretically such refreshingly direct partisanship is a godsend at a time when American Idiot is considered a daring punk manifesto, but the band undermine this by hiding behind a self-created smokescreen, claiming that barked lyrics such as “Our expression, an age-old violation persecuted as a heretic” are just the perspectives of imagined characters. Why anyone would want to listen to such tiresome fictional creations, however, is left to the imagination. [Chris Buckle]