And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs

Album Review by Era Trieman | 22 Apr 2011
  • Gangs
Album title: Gangs
Artist: And So I Watch You From Afar
Label: Richter
Release date: 16 May

Holy smokes, how to condense And So I Watch You From Afar into words… Aside from the menacing name, you probably wouldn’t mess with these warriors, their facial hair alone would stare you down. The four-piece hail from Belfast, reincarnated from the ashes of former band Zombie Safari Park. The title of their 2007 EP, This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It, likens them to a horde of colossal, ironclad Juggernauts. In Austria, delinquents with tattooed eyelids incur whiplash and smash their teeth out whilst head-banging to ASIWYFA.

Having lately supported rock monarchs Them Crooked Vultures, their latest LP, a proggy instrumental undertaking entitled Gangs, blasts solos that would strain even the most accomplished Guitar Hero prodigy. Trilling and speed riffing shred apart Search:Party:Animal. Gnashing guitars are thrashed about on Think:Breathe:Destroy. Homes - Ghost Parlor KA -6 To sounds like Foals plunged into a K-Hole or the spiky pit from Mortal Kombat. Just did my head in really. [Era Trieman]

Playing Òran Mór, Glasgow on 9 May