Alt-J – This Is All Yours

Album Review by George Sully | 28 Aug 2014
Album title: This Is All Yours
Artist: Alt-J
Label: Infectious Music
Release date: 22 Sep

Leeds quirk-rockers Alt-J must somehow follow 2012’s Mercury Prize-winning debut An Awesome Wave. But far from any rested-upon laurels, This Is All Yours is a band looking its own hype in the eye, exhibiting both innovation and a continuity that is neither contrived nor rehashed. Where AAW hurried to establish its weirdness, carried by Joe Newman’s inimitable husky whine, TIAY's idiosyncracies are less brazen.

Stylistic magpies, the now-trio (bassist and co-founder Gwil Sainsbury split early 2014) still deal in eastern folk and multifarious percussion, but this time couched in a more considered sonic topology. Ancient imperial Japanese capital Nara informs a structured song cycle, while an interlude track of medieval panpipes (Garden of England) heralds the misty Choice Kingdom; regality among John Hurt references. Barely faltering (incongruous MOR outing Left Hand Free is a shame), there's more at play here than yet another 'indie' record seeking acceptance through gimmicky hooks. [George Sully]

Playing Glasgow Academy on 18 Sep and Manchester Apollo on 19-20 Sep