Alphabeat - This Is Alphabeat

Could this be the worst album of the decade?

Album Review by Neal Parsons | 29 May 2008
  • Alphabeat
Album title: This Is Alphabeat
Artist: Alphabeat
Label: EMI
Release date: 2 Jun

There have already been a whole host of contenders, but surely the award for the decade's most irritating album goes to This Is Alphabeat; it's a gobsmackingly infuriating album of disco-lite beats, inane lyrics and cutesy sweet vocals. 'Wooh-oohing' like it’s going out of fashion, which it surely is, this Danish six-piece seem to be on a mission to sugar-coat the world with their fantastically annoying power pop. Take opener Fantastic Six: “They have crash helmets on / Just like Major Tom / They are space troopers / Super Duper". Or perhaps Boyfriend: “Don’t you touch my boyfriend / He’s not your boyfriend / He’s mine". And the sound you can hear is my jaw dropping to the floor at the stupidity of these lyrics. Coupled with the some of the most contrived attempts at bringing back Abba’s grasp of the catchy pop tune imaginable, what you have is simply terrible. This could set Sweden’s musical reputation back years. Even Eurovision would be embarrassed by this.