Alex Tronic - To Infinity

Album Review by Chris Duncan | 18 Dec 2008
  • Alex Tronic To Infinity
Album title: To Infinity
Artist: Alex Tronic
Label: Alex Tronic
Release date: Jan 2009

The latest offering from Alex Tronic records is a real treat, for a number of reasons. The opening notes of the first track Life's A Dream (I'm A Scratcher) suggest that the record may be going down a darker route, but within seconds the tone changes to one that promises a brighter journey. It happens quickly yet subtly and means the record opens rather pleasantly. Also, techno music can be rather inaccessible. As a genre, it seems to rub a lot of listeners up the wrong way, but this probably won't be a problem for To Infinity. The overall tone of the record makes it not only accessible but highly enjoyable, whilst the instrumentals work well on every track. The inclusion of vocals from Susanna Holland and Amy Duncan are a large part of what makes this record the human and satisfying work it is.