Alex G – DSU

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 30 Oct 2014
  • Alex G – DSU
Album title: DSU
Artist: Alex G
Label: Lucky Number
Release date: 1 Dec

Most of what goes on in student halls is best left unknown. But over at Temple State, Philadelphia, behind one particular dorm door, a 21-year-old by the name of Alex Giannascoli has spent his college days casually becoming a low-key songwriting sensation. For some, this is old news: DSU is his sixth album (or thereabouts), with each of its predecessors uploaded straight to Bandcamp, earning him a select following whose ranks are now set to explode.

Giannascoli continues to record at home and alone, but the audio has been professionally mastered and released physically for the first time, opening his music up to a wider audience – and boy are we grateful. Tales are skilfully revealed in half-glimpses ('I’ll get my cure, wait in the car / I won’t remember who you are'), while musically, the album covers considerable ground – from Promise’s goofy slap bass to the breezy melodies of Harvey and Boy. A raw and refreshing talent.