▲AIMON – Flatliner

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 26 Apr 2012
Album title: Flatliner
Artist: ▲AIMON
Label: Tundra
Release date: 17 April

'Witch house' was never a particularly commercial proposition, so it is unsurprising that many artists are unwilling to be plastered with the term, or have distanced themselves from it. Nevertheless, the largely internet-based scene has brought to prominence several noteworthy acts, from Salem and Holy Other to Grimes. Another group sure to gain attention beyond the hipster blog scene and its attendant forum-fetishisation are AIMON, brought to you by the superb dark synth pioneers at San Francisco's Tundra label.


This follow-up to last year's stunning Amen EP is a beautiful piece of gothic dream-pop. The band evoke 80s synth music of the type made fashionable again by Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn on Black Cross. Industrial drone and classical textures combine with creeping, whispered vocals on 'CHOKE,' while the robotic vocals and half-step techno of 'mirrors fade,' bursting into fuzzed-out industrial, is genuinely unique. The title track is a baroque slab of reflective future-gothic, with real weight behind its funereal pace. This is dark, intelligent, experimental neo-synth music – pick it up on limited edition 12” now.

Out April 17th on Tundra, on digital and vinyl formats - tundradub.bandcamp.com http://tundradub.bandcamp.com