Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse

Album Review by Chris McCall | 26 Jun 2013
Album title: Imaginary Walls Collapse
Artist: Adam Stafford
Label: Song, by Toad
Release date: 15 Jul

This is an album that very nearly never saw the light of day; Adam Stafford, former Y’all Is Fantasy Island main man and a respected solo artist and filmmaker in his own right, came close to quitting music last year. Those who persuaded him to reconsider are sure to have their faith repaid with a collection of songs that ranks amongst his finest work yet.

Imaginary Walls Collapse continues with the recording techniques for which Stafford is by now well-known: reverb-heavy riffs are looped, layered and built upon with beatboxing or heavy drums, but the songs never lose their essential pop hooks. His recent Americana-inflected single Please is a case in point – a prospective radio staple just waiting for a DJ to open their ears. More focussed in intent than Build a Harbour Immediately, there's plenty of nourishment on offer here. Stafford still remains relatively unknown outside of Scotland, this could be the album that quickly changes that. 

Playing Edinburgh's Wee Red Bar on 4 July and Glasgow's Glad Cafe on 5 Jul‎