The Ninth Wave on Never Crave Attention, Track-by-Track

The Ninth Wave's Haydn Park talks us through the Glasgow four-piece's new EP, Never Crave Attention

Feature by The Ninth Wave | 19 Apr 2018
  • The Ninth Wave

Each song on Never Crave Attention is based around observations of people and the way they behave, both publicly and privately. They aren't all linked together very obviously, but the themes of them all stem from the same sort of place, with each song depicting a different view of our behaviour both in the public eye and behind closed doors.

New Kind Of Ego is a dialogue between two people and their insecurities in each other, focusing on the reasons for the lack of trust they have between each other. We spent a lot of time experimenting with the synths on this track. Louise [MacLennan] played the lead parts on a vintage Sequential Circuits Pro-5 which was an amazing instrument to get the chance to use.

The second song, Collapsible People is more of a public observation of certain types of people. 'You love every passer-by' sums up what the song is about – extreme vanity and shameless self-love and the problems that arise with having a bloated sense of self-importance. The claps recorded on the chorus are actually two flip-flops being smacked together by Lewis [Tollan] after days of frustration of the drum tracks being finished and everyone else recording their parts. Can you hear the anger in them?

Swallow Me is the most brutal song, lyrically, as it describes a toxic relationship between two people, with the victim slowly realising they are being used. It was the most intense song to record, as I was punched and whipped while recording the last vocal section. It was the first song we wrote that percussion was a main part of the backbone of the song.

The last song, We Can't Go Anywhere Else is the conclusion to the EP and it's the realisation that there's no getting away from the world that surrounds us – we've made it so and we all need to endure it, no matter your position.

Never Crave Attention is out on 20 Apr via Distiller Records