Listen: Flamingods' Supersonic podcast

Feature by News Team | 01 Jun 2015

As a prelude to this year's Supersonic Festival in Birmingham (running 11-14 June), we present this cosmic podcast carefully crafted by Flamingods.

The London (via Bahrain) quintet are set to play two sets at the event, including 'Big Sounds for Little People: An Introduction to Experimental Music' for children, taking place at the Symphony Hall on 13 June.

Band leader, Kamal Rasool remarks: "I’d like to think of it as a journey through the many influences of Flamingods, touching on psychedelic music from around the world, hypnotics, cross-cultural integration and music from some of the artists we’re looking forward to watching at the fest!"

Birmingham promoter Capsule, Supersonic's long-standing programmers, had this to say of the band's podcast selections:

"Delirious, intense and uplifting, prepare to be carried away to a distant shore of your imagination with Flamingods. The captain of the five piece multi-instrumental band is Kamal Rasool, who, along with fellow band members, was inspired to write 2014’s excellent LP, Hyperborea after new Visa laws forced him out of the UK.

"Hyperborea is the namesake of a mystical island of Flamingods’ own creation, affirming the imaginative boundlessness of their musical and aesthetic universe. Explorative both thematically and aurally, the music addresses themes of identity, belonging and alienation whilst also day-dreaming of leaving to foreign far away lands. Now based in the UK, the band is often described as ‘ethnic pop’, which refers to a heady and utterly unique mix of noise, psychedelia, tribal and freak folk.

"Seeking to create both vivid and vague scenes inspired by foreign cultures from different ages and to take influence from wherever they can find it, we think Flamingods will be a truly inspiring addition not only to Supersonic’s core programme, but also to our special Kids’ Gigs series, which aims to introduce children to the joys of experimental music. And we haven’t even mentioned their matching psychedelic robes yet!"


1. Bekher – Telemachus
2. Moulana – Electric Jalaba
3. Radio International – Unknown Artist (Radio Algeria)
4. Maksim (Maxim) – Maurice Louca
5. Futura Grotesk – Tomaga
6. Turkish Delight – The Ebbinghouse Sound
7. Journey to the East – Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood
8. Raghupati – Ananda Shankar
9. Track 3 – Unknown Artist (Paradise Bangkok)
10. Pivotal Object from Wound Response – Rhodri Davies & Richard Dawson
11. Vacilando Con Ayahuesca – Roots of Chicha
12. La Danza de La Tanga – Pianonegro
13. Pedra Templo Animal – Lula Côrtes E Zé Ramalho
15. Thief of Fire – The Pop Group
16. Help Me Somebody – Brian Eno and David Bryne
17. Mingi – Mim Suleiman
18. Gonder – Afework Nigussie
19. Intro – My Panda Shall Fly