Honeyblood's Five Game-Changing Albums

Feature by Stina Tweeddale | 31 Oct 2016

With second album Babes Never Die on the way, Honeyblood guitarist Stina Tweeddale talks us through five albums which have influenced the two-piece

The Breeders – Pod

“I think Last Splash probably has a bit more influence on Honeyblood, [but] Pod is the first one I got, and I just love that album – I love the fact that it was recorded in Edinburgh, where I grew up. I feel so connected to it, in ways, and it’s the first Breeders album that I listened to. If I was to be in any other band, it would be The Breeders. That would be my dream, to make that sort of music.”

PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love

“I love kind of down-tempo albums – I know I just made an album that is really up-tempo, but I love slow, slow tunes! This album was the first PJ Harvey album that I ever had, and I just love the storytelling. I think there’s a good mixture of influences in that one. You can hear the blues side, the folk side, and the beats in it are proper groovy.”

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat

“It’s been 10 years since that album was released. I listened to it at uni, and I remember having it on my headphones and just walking about around the campus... probably being super depressed about something, you know, like coursework! She’s got this happy way of talking about how depressed she is.”

The Smiths – The Queen is Dead

“The aggressiveness of what Morrissey says sometimes offends people. Whatever; I think it’s good sometimes to offend to people. I just remember listening to his voice and I’d never heard anyone sing with a meter that was so out of time, and it really made me think about melody. A lot of people don’t really realise, especially with the first [Honeyblood] album, a lot of the melodies are very Morrissey-esque.”

Kate Bush – Lionheart

“My mum is such a big Kate Bush fan, it was just on all the time. I just think she’s such an amazing creature: as a human being, as a performer, as an artist. How can one person just have all that good stuff? It’s not really fair! She kind of just does what she wants to do, and no one can tell her otherwise, and I really appreciate that.”

Read our full interview with Stina and Cat Myers of Honeyblood here – Babes Never Die is out on 4 Nov via Fat Cat.