Butho The Warrior and Optimistic Soul: Guest Selector

Ahead of their slots on The Wave – Radio Buena Vida's afro tech takeover curated by Bemz – Butho the Warrior and Optimistic Soul from Glasgow's Jaiva Collective talk us through some of their favourite tracks

Article by Butho The Warrior and Optimistic Soul | 26 Apr 2021
  • Butho the Warrior

Eric Kol – You're My Solution
[BBE Africa, 2019]
It’s one of the first songs I heard when I was young, and it was the first time that I could clearly recognise a black man being vulnerable talking about the one he loves. The record was reissued a few years ago and I'm happy I managed to get a copy before it sold out. [Butho the Warrior]

Brenda Fassie – Weekend Special
[EMI, 1983]
The late Brenda Fassie released a lot of her songs during the height of apartheid in South Africa; her music was played in our house constantly, accompanied by her dance moves. This song has a house remix by DJ Fresh and it’s worth every kick drum added; it's just a refreshing end to a set with an unexpected oldie. I’m a sucker for her unrefined strong vocals. RIP MaBree. [BtW]

Black Coffee – Mama
[Soulistic Music, 2009]
This song is basically acknowledging mother’s love and strength! I played this song when I bought my first brand new car at age 23. I drove my mother around the Somerset countryside while playing this, it's probably one of my favourite happy moments with her. Nothing like the English countryside on a summer day with your loved ones! [BtW]

Ebo Taylor – Peace On Earth
[Philips-West African-Records, 1978]
This record to me highlights highlife culture. Ghana has always had an interesting music scene. It’s the fusion and understanding of how well produced this music was for its time. Today I hear white international DJs play these songs in their sets and the reaction is massive. The western love a bit of African culture when it’s presented by white people. I wish to see the day black DJs playing true African music get the same reaction as our white colleagues. [BtW]

Lovemore Majaivana – Umoya Wami
[Isigodlo Music, 1999]
This Zimbabwean legend reminds me of home, it's an easy one to cry to and dance to! Really considering sampling the guitar string and the snare at the intro before someone huge finds it. Gosh I miss my people and Bulawayo! [BtW]

Image: Optimistic Soul by Butho the Warrior

DeMajor ft. Lizwi – Traveller (Kususa & QueTornik remix)
[Surreal Sounds Music, 2017]
This track for me has been an all-time fave, it channels the inner core of the afrohouse/afro tech sound. It's a song taking an afromite’s nomadic journey around the world. For me it's a highly spiritual song because it speaks to me and the percussiveness of the song within its peak, alongside its strings really gives me a sense of resilience and GOOSEBUMPS. [Optimistic Soul]

Melé ft. Lazarusman – The Panther
[Circus Recordings, 2020]
I was glad when this song came out because it speaks on calling out sexual harassment within the nightlife scene and just says guys can do better. It goes on to say instead you should be as silky, smooth, and with a touch of finesse just like a panther when you want to get to know a person within a given environment, in this instance a club or pub, instead of resorting to aggressiveness and harassment which paints an ugly picture. [OS]

Darla Jade and Nico de Andrea – Ghost In Me (Lemon and Herb remix)
[Unity Rec, 2021]
This track is my current favourite song now. It is a true embodiment of true deep, afro soulful house music with a touch of that 2021 sound. Where do I picture myself playing this song? Right there in the sweaty, non-caring crowd and just getting lost in the music. It's my favourite because it also acts as proof of how far our music has evolved from just a traditional African sound to something that the techno culture has adopted and embraced. Something we can all dance to. [OS]

Pablo Fierro – Reincarnation
[Watergate Records, 2020]
This type of song is what you call organic afro house – expect this type of sound mostly from me on the takeover. It's your typical trippy, techy and very percussive afro house and is guaranteed to at least light the room up when played. Its influence comes mostly from Greece, Berlin and all-around Europe from producers based there who have adopted the sound and turned it into something beautiful and relatable. [OS]

&lez – All Sheltered
[Visile Records, 2021]
This song is by my favourite afro house producer, based in Italy, called &Lez. It is without any doubt that I am likely to play this song during my set. For me, this song has so much power and identity. This is what you would normally call a true afro tech song and it is a true representation of the music we are trying to put out there. [OS]

Butho the Warrior and Optimistic Soul from Glasgow's Jaiva Collective play The Wave on Radio Buena Vida on Fri 30 Apr; the takeover runs from 4pm-midnight and also includes sets from Sarra Wild, Sef Kombo, Rita Maia, DJ Papercuts, Lunarplatz, and The Wave curator, Bemz.

The takeover will be broadcast live on Radio Buena Vida with DJs playing live sets from the window of Glasgow's Some Great Reward record shop; funds raised on the day will go towards the We Are Here Scotland Creators Fund, which you can donate to here.