A Muso's Top 10: Yeasayer

Given the eclecticism of All Hour Cymbals, it was no surprise that Yeasayer gave us a top ten covering five decades, three continents, million-selling mega-hits, out-of-print odd-jobs, and multiple styles and fashions. It's a myriad list that defies obvious logic; just how we like it.

Feature by Ira Wolf Tuton | 06 Jan 2008
  • Yeasayer

1. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (pop ballad classic)
2. Ja Rule & Lil Wayne – Uh-Ohhh! (recent flop single)
3. Percy Sledge – It Tears Me Up (minor R&B hit 1966)
4. Rich Boy – Throw Some D's (massive rap hit)
5. Kate Bush – Suspended In Gaffa (from The Dreaming, 1982)
6. Arthur Russell – Hollow Tree – (left-field disco)
7. Fleetwood Mac – That's Alright – (70s rock)
8. High Places – Days Incorporated (experimental Brooklynites)
9. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Take One (pioneering Zimbabwean musician LP)
10. Kraftwerk – Ralf und Florian (pre-Autobahn LP)

Yeasayer play King Tut's, Glasgow on 8 Mar
All Hour Cymbals is out now on We Are Free