A Muso's Top 10: DoseOne

Feature by Dave | 16 Apr 2006

Anticon's Adam Kidd Drucker AKA DoseOne dropped 10 of the best on the Skinny's doorstep for the month of April and also gave us the gen on what he's got planned in the foreseeable...

1. Why? - Fall Saddles (from Elephant Eyelash)
2. Broadcast - Black Cat (from Tender Buttons)
3. Ms.John Soda - Hands (from Notes and the Like)
4. This Heat - A New Kind of Water (from Deceit)
5. Kate Bush - Cloud Busting (from Hounds of love)
6. Jel - No Solution (from Soft Money)
7. Duo 505 - Facing It (from Late)
8. Department of Eagles Sailing by Night (from The Whitey on the Moon UK LP)
9. Christ. - Perlandine Friday (from Pylonesque)
10. Robert Wyatt - Pigs (from Eps)

He adds:

I am currently throat deep in finishing the new Subtle studio record. It is nothing short of everything we have.

Dax is now back in the bay and still steadfast on his road to recovery. We just finished recording him singing and playing harmonica on our sovereign songs, and are now in mid mixdown mode.

For Hero : For Fool will be out this summer on lex records.

Hopefully you'll really dig the new record when it comes out...it's quite the doosey...

On April 4th, our CD/DVD Wishingbone will be released featuring collaborations with Mike Patton, Beck, Console, Ms.John Aoda, Hrvatski, Fog, and new music from ourselves… and a short film of sorts by S.S.S.R. and ourselves.