Sock 'n' Roll: Christmas gift socks that are also gig tickets

Sick of getting socks for Christmas? This year those stocking fillers will let you walk into some of Scotland's biggest gigs!

Article by Jamie Dunn | 06 Dec 2018
  • Sock 'n' Roll

Socks, the classic Christmas gift for when you’ve run out of ideas. But this year these unimaginative presents are going to do much more than keep your toes cosy. This Christmas, Gigs in Scotland has transformed this boring old stocking filler into a must-have gift for every music fan, as socks from Gigs in Scotland won’t just keep your feet warm, they'll let you walk into some of Scotland's biggest music events of 2019!

These limited-edition socks will double as tickets for festivals such as TRNSMT and Summer Sessions, as well as other gigs across Scotland, with each pair loaded with a unique gift card code, redeemable online from Ticketmaster. "You won’t be faking your surprise when your Auntie Susan gives you your 'present' this year as these socks are not just for Christmas," said Wesley Shearer from Gigs in Scotland. "We’ve got some of the most exciting acts in the world coming to Scotland to play in 2019 [think The 1975,  CHVRCHES, Twenty One Pilots, and The Nightmare Before Christmas live in concert next December], and these socks will walk people right into the venue of their choice."

These limited-edition socks go on sale today at: