Rondo Mo – Overflow: Track Premiere

Listen to Overflow, the debut track from south London producer Robbie Redway, aka Rondo Mo.

Feature by The Skinny | 25 Jan 2017

Rondo Mo's first official release, Overflow is a club-inspired slice of electronica propelled forward by a driving bassline and piano riff reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem or Caribou. In the past Redway has collaborated with house producer Midland on their AKASE project, and featured as a touring member of indie outfit To Kill A King, with his new music as Rondo Mo born from an extended sojourn to Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. 

Describing the process behind Overflow, Redway says: "I had the shell of this track for a while, the chord structure and vocal line, but it wasn't really moving the way I wanted. I've always enjoyed those repetitive 90s house piano lines so tried this one out and it just glued the whole track together.

"It's too slow to be called a house track but it's certainly influenced heavily by my sojourns in night clubs. The lyrics reflect some overwhelmingly chaotic emotions I was feeling as a result of a pretty intense, unsettling relationship. One of those which just consumes your entire being then just spits you out."

Listen to Overflow in the player below, or check it out via Spotify here.