Primal Scream announce Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles

The legendary Scottish band will release the two-volume singles discography in May, including hit singles Movin' On Up, Rocks and Country Girl

Article by Nadia Younes | 15 Mar 2019
  • Primal Scream @ O2 ABC, 30 Mar

Primal Scream have announced the release of a massive singles discography, spanning their career over the past three-and-a-half decades.

Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles will be split into two volumes, Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles Vol.1 1986-2000 and Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles Vol.2 2000-2016, and will include singles such as Loaded, Rocks, Country Girl and It's Alright, It's Ok. "Right from our 1985 debut All Fall Down onward we’ve approached singles as an aesthetic choice, a statement of where we are as a band," says Bobby Gillespie.

"We grew up with Suffragette City and Metal Guru flying out of the radio. The four Sex Pistols singles were great. Public Image by PiL sounded like nothing else. Prince and Madonna made amazing hits. That has been our approach. I’ve always loved Top 40 pop radio, I love greatest hits albums like The Who’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. I remember Alan McGee saying of Higher Than the Sun: it won’t be a hit, but it will be a statement. Great singles can get out into the world and show people an alternative way of thinking. They make you feel less alone."

Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles is released on 24 May via Sony; Primal Scream play Edinburgh Summer Sessions, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 10 Aug