NETVERK Podcast: May 2013

Exploring the world of netaudio, the NETVERK column returns to The Skinny as a brand new audio podcast – stream it exclusively here, with tracks from Flying Lotus aka Captain Murphy, The Underachievers, Loki, Koda, and Louie of Hector Bizerk

Feature by Bram E. Gieben & Pete Ross | 29 Apr 2013

Welcome to Episode #1 of The Skinny's new podcast series, NETVERK!

The NETVERK column ran on our site for several months as a link-blog, posting and embedding new music from the world of netaudio – we shared tracks from the finest internet-based (netlabels) around, and scoured Soundcloud, Bandcamp and the wilder outlands of the internet for the finest up-and-coming (and forward-thinking) electronic artists.

After a few months off beavering away in the lab, NETVERK is back as an audio podcast hosted by The Skinny's Staff Writer, Bram E. Gieben (@t3xtur3) and Pete Ross (@rosslpete). Each month, we'll bring you an hour or so of new tracks, interviews, gossip and news from the bleeding edge of online music!

This month's show features an exclusive track from the forthcoming album by Scottish hip-hop originator Loki, plus new music from Flying Lotus as Captain Murphy, psychedelic hip-hop duo The Underachievers, the post-dubstep gorgeousness of Koda, more homegrown hip-hop from Louie of Hector Bizerk, and much more.

We'll be back in a month's time with a new show – if you want to present your tracks for consideration in future episodes of the series use The Skinny's SoundCloud Dropbox, or send us an email at!

PLAYlist for NETVERK #1

UNKWON – Know (Fractures, Aural Sects

TWOS – Slow Down (Feel, Aural Sects)

The Underachievers – Herb Shuttles (Indigoism, BRAINFEEDER / DatPiff)

Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke (Duality, BRAINFEEDER / self-released)

microcosmos – HYPY FYN (For Someone Who's One, Fluorescent Records)

Uncon Sci – Fucked Up (Tiger Mustache, Liquid Geometry)

Lucianblomkamp – You & Me ft. Rosebud Leach (Lucianblomkamp EP, self-released)

HAARPS – Tlen ft. Skeletonkids (self-released)

Koda – Leaving (self-released)

Owsey – Places We never Went Together (self-released)

All Flags Burn
 – A Little Magyk (All Flags Burn, self-released)

Loki – Wall Of Silence (unreleased, Volition)

Louie – Glasgow (Lost On Hope Street, self-released)