Kate Tempest shares blistering Europe is Lost video

The insanity of our current political climate is documented in the video for the powerful Kate Tempest piece

Video by The Skinny | 03 Feb 2017

Following Parliament's vote to trigger Article 50, Kate Tempest’s fierce piece Europe is Lost couldn’t be more timely. Its video, which arrived online on Wednesday, is similarly urgent.

The black and white promo speaks to our troubling present, and features footage of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, the KKK, ISIS, war, clips of Britain’s Got Talent, Wall Street traders, apocalypse and a cavalcade of other disturbing images. The blistering, frantically edited video was produced by Tempest fan Manuel Braun.

Europe is Lost features on Tempest's recent album Let Them Eat Chaos. Here’s a taste of its forceful content from its first verse:

Europe is lost, America lost, London lost
Still we are clamouring victory
All that is meaningless rules
We have learned nothing from history
The people are dead in their lifetimes
Dazed in the shine of the streets
But look how the traffic's still moving
System’s too slick to stop working...

Watch the full video in the player above; read our interview with Tempest on the Let Them Eat Chaos project.