Edinburgh's Red Dog Music Wins Big

Feature by Amy Birchard | 15 Oct 2009

It's a brutal thing to state, but it could be argued that on the upside the recession really has done us all a favour by cutting the wheat from the chaff as regards the retail industry. Following the collapse of the Sound Control chain, Red Dog, an independent music retailer, installed themselves in Edinburgh's Grassmarket area and proceeded to set the bar unusually high in customer service, shop floor presentation and tailored music advice, going on to bag the 2009 Music Industries Association Best Retailer (Independent) award.

Their 16 month spell in business has seen their popularity soar to prom king heights, whilst their focus (and aesthetic) remain staunchly true to their rock roots, sourcing unusual guitar models alongside their varied selection of recording and sound equipment. They also boast private mirrored demo rooms for busting out some Guitar Hero moves. Upending the cliquishness which tends to dog (no pun intended) independent music stores around which a scene seems to attach itself, and although their logo might scream 'badass', Red Dog pride themselves on their friendly demeanour.

Rather than being snubbed by a snarling guy in a dog collar and DMs who only deals with the musically savvy, you're more likely to be ushered in for a seat on their famed in-store sofa, "whether you're a seven-year-old studio engineer or a nonagenerian DJ". This award is well deserved for Red Dog's staff of 11. As they recently tweeted in response to this honour "Moan The Red Dug!"