Burnsong 2009: Get Yer Entries In

Feature by Aileen Lynn | 24 Aug 2009

Burnsong 2006 provided the catalyst that combined a stellar variety of musicians in one melting pot, united by the common goal to write and rehearse songs that would reveal an intriguing new sound under the name The Burns Unit. With a diverse, eight-person membership including the likes of Emma Pollock, rapper MC Soom T and Fence Collective honcho King Creosote, the outfit are reported to be recording their debut LP. Three years on and Burnsong is looking for talented songwriters to play to a full house at the Scottish Parliament. Paying homage to birthday boy Rabbie in the year of Homecoming, applicants are encouraged to write new songs of hope and optimism. Step up sanguine songwriters.

Songwriters from all over the world are welcomed to submit their song via the Sonic Bids platform (closing date 14 September). Each entrant hoping to secure a place in the competition's top ten will be invited to spend a week working with mentors Joe Bennett (UK Songwriting Festival) and producer Chris Blanden (Real World Studios). A rural Scottish farmhouse will offer shelter to their creative souls. You can enter here.