Wozniak – Ghosting (Video Premiere)

Watch the new music video from Edinburgh-based shoegaze outfit Wozniak

Video by Music Team | 22 Jan 2018

Edinburgh four-piece Wozniak specialise in booming, cinematic post-rock and shoegaze, bringing to mind the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar and Mogwai. Their blend of well-placed harmonics and searing guitars is on full display on Ghosting, taken from the band's debut album Courage Reels which was released via Morningside Young Team Records last year. We're happy to be sharing a first look at the video for Ghosting; watch the clip in the YouTube player above.

Introducing the video, Wozniak guitarist/vocalist Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr says: "Ghosting seems like quite a simple track, but after listening for a while, you start to hear things – weird harmonics and melodies that aren’t there. It’s kind of unsettling and so that’s the idea with the video too.

"It takes place in the twilight where the light can’t be trusted. What’s lurking in the shadows and is it benevolent, or not? Many of the visual references go back to earlier Wozniak videos and is also heavily influenced by Shirley Jackson and maybe a bit of the Brontes too."   

Ghosting also features on the brand new Hemispheres compilation from A Thousand Arms records, featuring post-rock bands from across the globe – download the compilation via Bandcamp here.