TV ME – Stitches (Video Premiere)

Liverpool trio TV ME share the psychedelic, 70s TV-inspired video for Stitches, taken from their new EP

Video by Music Team | 15 Feb 2018

Liverpool pop trio TV ME – Thomas McConnell, Adam Dixon and Frankie Tibbles – blend elements of psych, art-rock and dream-pop on their new EP A Broadcast from TV ME. The four-track EP is out on Friday, but we have an exclusive first look at the video for Stitches. The track was written in a number of stages over the course of McConnell's life before being 'stitched' together, and the video – which you can watch in the player above or on YouTube – is inspired by the likes of Laurel & Hardy and Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Introducing the video, McConnell says: "Stitches is about 15 years in the making. The beginning is a little circus-style piano piece called Roll Up Roll Up which I wrote when I was about 14. I wrote the ending when I was 10; I found a recording from way back of me playing it with the title Stitches – all these sections finally found a home together many years later when I wrote the main section in 2016. As it was effectively stitched together, the original title worked perfectly.

"The sound and lyrics are inspired by watching old videos of Laurel & Hardy, Pinky & Perky and A Hard Day’s Night at my grandparent’s house as a kid; I recorded my own imaginary 60s/70s theme tunes to put on top of it. I knocked up the video to fit the song’s general theme of nostalgia – full of old toys, photos and footage of us. The look of the video is inspired by 70s TV idents mixed in with a bit of Monty Python/Yellow Submarine imagery."

A Broadcast from TV ME is out on 16 Feb; the band play an EP launch show at 81 Renshaw in Liverpool on the same date.