Super Inuit – Chicane (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Chicane by Edinburgh duo Super Inuit

Video by Music Team | 27 Feb 2018

Edinburgh ambient pop duo Super Inuit self-released new single Chicane digitally on 23 February and we're pleased to be premiering its accompanying music video today.

Following up from previous single Tesselate, Chicane is only the second track Super Inuit – comprised of Brian Pokora and Fern Morris – have released as a duo. Coming in at just under two and a half minutes, Chicane merges pulsing synths with delicate trickles of piano, which Morris' soft, soothing vocals glide over. The video for the song, which you can watch in the player above or on YouTube, features grainy looping in-car simulation footage, showing a car repeatedly going through the same chicane on a race track.

"The starting point for Chicane was an old beat on my phone, conceived during a forgettable lunch break in 2014," Pokora tells us. "I sent the loop to Fern and she really clicked with it, so over time we built a structure, added vocals, bass and some trusty Suzuki Omnichord.

"The lyrical theme for Chicane came from a sense of disorientation it seemed to capture. We wanted to convey this in the video too, both in a literal sense with the race track and also the multilayering, which adds to the sense of being jostled between two different perceptions of reality.

"Musically, Gold Panda and Clams Casino’s production approaches, where samples are heavily processed and combined with that thumping rhythm sounding both really worn out and dirty whilst maintaining a sense of space, really speaks to me." Pokora continues; "This process of audio mangling and deterioration is what’s helped us build our sound so far. We’re also appreciative of the way Kelly Lee Owens builds a smooth groove underneath her floating vocals and this is an aesthetic we attempt to capture.

"On the music we’ve released so far as a duo we’ve kept control of the recording and mixing process, but when it came to mastering we sought out the talents of Steven Ward and collaborated with contemporary artist Lucy Killian on her geometric watercolours, which accompany this series of tracks."

Chicane is out now; Super Inuit have an EP due out in May