Soft Riot – Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen by Glasgow-based Soft Riot

Video by Music Team | 03 Jul 2018

Glasgow-based Jack Duckworth, aka JJD, released his sixth studio album as Soft Riot – The Outsider in the Mirrors – back in February via fledgling Glasgow label Possession Records that he co-runs with Claudia Nova and Andy Brown. The latest single to be taken from the album, Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen features fast-paced bubbling, sci-fi-esque electronica. That coupled with Duckworth’s deep and brooding vocals makes it one of the most 80s sounding tunes we’ve heard that wasn't actually made in the 80s.

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the music video for Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen, which you can watch in the YouTube player above, or click here if it’s not displaying correctly. “With the videos I’ve been doing over the last couple of years,” Duckworth tells us, “I’ve been fixated on this idea of putting the music into a video format that makes the viewer seem like they’re cutting into some budget, almost cable-access TV channel, complete with its own adverts and programmes, just as news investigative reports. I’m a bit of a film buff as well – being in a world where we’re constantly around this sort of thing, even if you don’t watch TV, we’re constantly seeing these kind of segments in our social media feeds and what we digest online.

“It’s a bit of satire and I suppose I channel my anxieties and observations about the world into this format.” Duckworth continues: “It’s also because I want to subvert the listener’s preconceptions about what type of visuals would go with my music. There’s a lot of bands in the same general genre that I work in that have video productions you’d expect: dark, gloomy, lots of lingering shots of brutalism, close-ups of electronic gear, arty figures moving around, looking forlorn, etc. I approach music in my own unique way, even if the result might be familiar to a listener.

“It’s also because I’m working with my limitations. I do everything myself pretty much, with minimal access to assistance from others as well as little-to-no budget for anything, so the quality of what I can produce in these restrictions seems to work in this format. I don’t think it’s something I’m going to stick with forever as most artists I like have a progression but it seems to express how I feel about things in the here and now. Plus doing all of the characters, adverts and idents is pretty fun to create.”

The Outsider in the Mirrors is out now
Soft Riot plays The Peer Hat, Manchester, 10 Aug; The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, 8 Sep; AU, Vienna, Austria, 13 Sep; GK Jabuka, Zagreb, Croatia, 15 Sep; Return to the Batcave Festival, Wroclaw, Poland, 13 Oct