Slow Blood – Prayer (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video for Edinburgh three-piece Slow Blood's second single, Prayer

Video by Music Team | 23 Nov 2017

Near-new Edinburgh band Slow Blood may or may not once have been Dead Boy Robotics (*cough* they were *cough*); they promise to deal out deafening three-minute earworms that explore the boundaries of alt rock, noise, goth and pop. 

Since their inception, the three-piece have been developing their sound with Rod Jones from Idlewild at his Post Electric Studio in Leith. Having already released their debut single Demon Speed at the end of September, the trio are already back with their follow-up, Prayer, which you can watch the music video for in the player above (or on YouTube here).

“Prayer is a gothy little number. Lyrically, it's about the misrepresentation of malicious thoughts as commands from a higher being,” Mike D Bryant of the band tells us. “The video for Prayer is basically The Good Samaritan meets The Wicker Man, it's all a little tongue-in-cheek!  We filmed it in the middle of the Pentland Hills with our very talented friend and cinematographer, Gavin White. It turns out that carrying an ominous-shaped, 8ft prop through the middle of nowhere can still attract a fair audience. Thankfully no one called the religion police.

“Slow Blood is our hobby and we're having a total blast just bouncing musical ideas around – ideas that punch you in the chest, get stuck in your head and leave your ears ringing, all within three minutes. As a band we're driven by black denims, large drams and the temporal prime directive, all soundtracked to Black Sabbath, Deftones and John Dwyer."

Prayer is released on 24 Nov