Rebecca Vasmant – With Love, From Glasgow (track-by-track)

Ahead of releasing her debut album via her own record label, DJ and producer Rebecca Vasmant gives us a track-by-track rundown of With Love, From Glasgow

Feature by Rebecca Vasmant | 04 Jun 2021
  • Rebecca Vasmant

Start of Time
Start of Time is exactly as the track title describes – it's a homage to the concept of time. How we as humans perceive time and space, the concept that time dictates how we feel at any given moment, to any given situation, and that leads to us feeling emotions towards people and things. It's about feelings, and feeling connected to the universe, space, people, time, and love, because we should always feel love.

Timing's End
Timing’s End is a soundscape that I wanted to give a feeling of being comfortable with [one's] inner peace and vulnerability in modern-day life. We all feel things, we often deny them and cover them up, and I wanted this to be a place in which we could all feel the things that modern-day life does not allow us to feel in our everyday lives. Vulnerability is beautiful, and we should all feel strong enough within ourselves to show this. 

Freefall (feat. Nadya Albertsson)
Freefall is a love story about a soul who is afraid to fall, and to 'freefall' into that space where there's no turning back. Nadya does emotion so perfectly in this track, and Cameron-Thompson Duncan on trumpet along with the bass soundscape [helps] form the feelings that make the track [come to life]. I really love this track thanks to the amazing musicianship and singing from the musicians who have become my musical family. 

Jewels of Thought (feat. Paix and Harry Weir)
We wanted to pay homage to our favourite ever musician and musical hero, Pharoah Sanders. This is a bit of a modern take on his record Jewels of Thought, and we hope that if Pharoah ever heard this track it would do him proud. Harry Weir plays perfectly on this – and does Pharoah's sound so well – as does Paix who ties the whole thing together with her beautiful vocals floating in and out. We hope you like this one, Pharoah, and we love you very much.

Autumn Leaves (feat. Emilie Boyd)
Autumn Leaves is a little walk through a rainy autumn morning. Myself and Emilie Boyd put this little poem together inspired by autumn, the changes in the seasons, and our love for nature.

Morning (Mourning)
This track was written about the feeling of mourning when leaving someone you know you won’t be able to see for a while, and the feeling of mourning the loss of that person. Imagine being at the airport and dropping someone off who is going far away from the place you need to be – it's really all about that feeling. Sitting back in your chair and feeling the loss of someone you love.

Pride of Winter
Pride of Winter is a song about the dark cloud black dog making everything a bit muddy inside of yourself. It's about pride, loss, love and everything in-between. 

Internal Dispute (feat. Paix)
This track is really personal to me and is really about the internal dispute inside my head. It is a letter to all of you who have this same battle, and it's about making peace with that inner battle, winning the war, and experiencing true self-love. 

Universal Code
Universal Code is about us all being united and equal, and living by a universal code and loving each other.

Revolution (feat. Paix)
Revolution is all about thinking and feeling empathy for others, looking outside of yourself, and thinking about more than yourself. If we all did and acted like that in our everyday lives, then that would be very powerful indeed.

Idealists (Outro)
This little outro skit is about the admiration and respect that I have for all of the musicians who have dedicated their whole lives to perfecting their craft. I respect and have such admiration for those in the world who have done this in order to give us amazing music.

Music really is a privilege, and I can honestly say that deep within my heart I am totally grateful for every piece of amazing music that I have been lucky enough to have been able to hear. I realise that even if we spent every waking minute of every day searching for music, we would not have enough time to discover it all, and this thought is overwhelming.

I thank every musician, composer, maestro and producer for every piece of music, whether it has been noticed or unnoticed, and wake up every day happy to be able to just take the time to listen and appreciate music.

With Love, From Glasgow is released on 4 Jun via Rebecca's Records
Rebecca Vasmant plays Riverside by Night, SWG3, Glasgow, 4 Sep