RAZA – Pandahero / Green Wave (Video Premiere)

Watch a pair of live videos from Glasgow electro-prog duo RAZA, ahead of the release of their new EP

Video by The Skinny | 27 Apr 2017

RAZA are a fusion of prog stylings and electronic sounds from Gav Thomson (synthesiser, programming, trumpet), with action-packed percussion from drummer Bertrand Auguste Mougel. They draw influences from across the musical landscape, from modern indie and electronic music to West African funk and classic sci-fi. The band release their debut EP Futuramayana this week via experimental electronic label Save As Collective, home to some of Glasgow's most iconoclastic acts including MC Almond Milk and Jonnie Common. Read our profile of the label here.

Ahead of the Futuramayana launch, we have a pair of live videos of the duo performing tracks from the EP – watch Pandahero in the player above, and check out Green Wave at the foot of the page. RAZA's music is recorded live in studio with little or no overdubbing, with Thomson describing the band's sound as "kinetic and alive and ever-changing." He adds: "There are no backing tracks here and I like to show that. In the era of fake news, RAZA are truthful(ish). It's very refreshing to play in a way where the songs never come out the same way twice. Also, everyone should be able to watch Bertrand drum.”

Mougel says: “I believe our music is a live music. It is physical, especially for me, and we want it to be in the moment, with no click track. We really want to preserve the feeling of it and connect with the people that listen to us.”

Catch RAZA in their natural live setting at their EP launch at the Glad Cafe, Glasgow on 28 April – tickets available here, support comes from sound artist Joe Germlin, and MC Almond Milk collaborator Jay Rolex. Futuramayana is out on 5 May via Save As Collective.