Missy Mcanulty – Home (Video Premiere)

Watch the new music video for Edinburgh-based Missy Mcanulty's new single, Home

Video by Music Team | 29 Jun 2018

Missy Mcanulty was introduced to us recently at this year’s Wide Days A&R You Brave Enough? panel where she submitted one of her tracks to be critiqued by a panel of judges in front of a room full of strangers. Nerve-racking stuff indeed. But on this occasion it paid off with the Edinburgh singer-songwriter receiving a number of approving nods – Mcanulty’s tunes are pop through and through and seriously radio-ready; her latest single, Home is super catchy and we’re thrilled to be premiering its music video, which you can watch in the above YouTube player, or click here if it’s not displaying correctly.

“My latest release Home follows up my [previous single] Tightrope,” Mcanulty tells us. “[which] I launched in December last year when I was struggling with life balance on my very own tightrope... Living in London surrounded by the crazy hustle and bustle and working around the clock while trying to push forward with my music caused me to take time to reflect on what was important in life.

“My head was following my heart and I wanted to go back to where I felt most relaxed – home. When you’re working hours on end to meet the bills and trying to push on with your passion at the same time it becomes all too much. Home is the answer to my struggles I had with ‘living on a tightrope’ as the song is about going back to the place where you feel your worries are no more.

“It emphasises the euphoria, emotions and thoughts I had en route back to Bonnie Scotland where I knew I could feel at ease. Anyone who has lived or is living away from family or who is going through tough times can relate to the words. ‘They say there’s no place like home,’ and when you think of your friends and family, the people you love the most, it brings a smile to your face.

“The music video was directed by Ben Jordan of PC.” Mcanulty continues, “When I come up with a vision for a piece he always makes each story come together perfectly – his skills behind the camera are incredible. I shot the video at home where I grew up and filmed on location where my grandparents met in [Edinburgh's] Old Town. My friends and people who I have known since I was a teenager were involved – it was quite an emotional experience for me as well as a creative one.”

Home is out now; Missy Mcanulty plays Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, 30 Jul